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What is Fleet Insurance?

If your business has two or more vehicles we can help insure them together.

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What is Fleet Insurance?
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What is Fleet Insurance?

In simple terms, a fleet is classed as a group of vehicles that are operated by a single company or under the same ownership. The fleet can be made up of many types of vehicle. Within this guide, we will help to explain business car fleet insurance, van fleet insurance and HGV fleet insurance.

One Insurance Solution understands that finding Fleet Insurance can be a complex process. Fleet policies can consist of multiples of the same vehicle or even a mixture, starting from two vehicles up to a limitless amount depending on the insurer. Therefore, Fleet Insurance can be more complicated to arrange than, say, a single car policy. With so many variations available, it can be tricky to know where to start. However, help is at hand. As part of Brightside Insurance and with our expert industry knowledge, our Fleet Insurance Guide can help you choose the appropriate cover smoothly and efficiently. 

Whether you’re looking at fleet car insurance with vans and HGVs included or a fleet consisting only of the same vehicle type, you can find all the information you need to answer your questions in this guide. Then you should be able to get all of your vehicles and drivers insured, ready for the road.

Fleet Vehicle Insurance

Fleet Vehicle Insurance


Business Fleet Insurance is for any company that owns, hires or leases vehicles that are used in conjunction with its business. Most insurers will include insurance cover to have a social, domestic and pleasure allowance too. This benefits employees, including directors, who use the car for business travel in the week and for private use at weekends. 

Usually, any licenced driver working for the business can drive a vehicle that’s specified on the company fleet policy. However, there may be certain requirements around the type of drivers that can be covered: for example, minimum age, license type, the time the licence has been held, and overall driving history.

Why is a Business Fleet Insurance policy different to general insurance?

A Fleet Business Insurance policy is designed to make the administration and ongoing management of vehicle fleet insurance much easier with only one policy and renewal date. This type of policy could also save companies resources, time and help reduce costs whilst increasing flexibility when additional drivers or vehicles need to be added to the insurance policy.

The insurance is designed to give you the flexibility to add and remove vehicles as and when required, and are usually set up as any driver policies.

What does Fleet Insurance cover?

Similar to general insurance, Fleet Insurance will protect the vehicles against accidents, theft and vandalism. This includes other vehicular damage such as chipped and cracked windscreens, depending on which of the three levels of cover you choose.

Levels of cover available


This will give you the most protection as it covers any damage to your own or third-party vehicles as a result of a fault or non-fault accident.  Due to the increased level of protection, it is also the most expensive.

Third party fire and theft

This covers your own vehicles against damage from fire or theft whilst also protecting third-party vehicles against any damage. 

Third party only

This is the most basic level which will cover claims made against you by any third parties but offers no protection for your own vehicles.  Some types of vehicles, such as Plant, can only cover the third-party.

Courier Fleet


Once a company Fleet Insurance policy is live the vehicles will no longer be able to collect individual no claims bonuses. Instead, the policy history will be collated in to one Fleet claims experience document.

The main advantage of this is that any claim registered on the entire policy rather than the specific vehicle may allow the risk to be spread across all vehicles, potentially leading to a lower overall premium.

Can you insure my Vehicle Fleet?

In order to gain the best vehicle fleet insurance for your needs, you need to consider your fleet size and measure how often the vehicles are used.

Each of these factors will influence your fleet insurance costs. Knowing this information before you ring will help us to understand your requirements. This will also make sure you do not end up paying for unnecessary insurance within your policy coverage, ensuring that you get the best value out of your Vehicle Fleet Insurance.

It is also important to consider the usage of your vehicles as this is key to which type of Fleet Insurance you will need.


Vehicle use

  • If you run a taxi fleet you will need either public hire Fleet Insurance or private hire Fleet Insurance.
  • If you require a Van Fleet Insurance quote as your business carries goods, then you will either need ‘carriage of own goods’ to cover company products being transported or cover for tradesman’s tools.
  • Haulage Fleet Insurance, HGV Fleet Insurance or Truck Fleet Insurance is required for those businesses offering long distance hire and reward services
  • Courier Fleet Insurance is the correct type of vehicle insurance for local multi-drops and hire and reward services.


Without the right knowledge, this is where choosing the right fleet policy insurance can feel a bit daunting. However, a specialist insurance broker can help make sure you have the right Fleet Vehicle Insurance in place for when you need it most. 

An expert insurance provider will also know how to find cheap Fleet Insurance premiums without sacrificing cover. Give us a call today on 03449 028 3126 to find out more or request a callback below.

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Is Business Fleet Insurance expensive?

Commercial Fleet Vehicle Insurance is designed to be flexible and easily manageable as opposed to just being cheaper than insuring vehicles individually. Depending on the risks it can save you money compared to individual policies.  

The cost of Fleet Insurance can vary significantly depending on several factors such as:

Number of claims

Website line

Your location

Use of vehicles

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Your occupation 

Types of vehicles

Website line

Age and number of vehicles

Young or convicted drivers

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Trading history

How can the cost be reduced?

Keeping the cost down on your fleet insurance is actually very simple. Points to consider are:


Increase the insurance excess on the policy

Showing a will to share the risk with a higher excess will result in lower premiums with some insurers.

Think about where the vehicles will be kept

Parking the vehicles overnight in a locked and secure compound is favourable with insurers.

Be selective on who can drive your vehicles

Drivers under 25 years of age, especially those with a number of claims or those with certain convictions, will demand a higher insurance premium to cover them.

The fact that some of the drivers are under 25 years of age will still affect the price of the fleet insurance policy.

Risk Management Strategy

Installing telematics dash cams or trackers in each vehicle will ensure your drivers are more careful and will also provide valuable evidence in the event of a disputed claim.  

What else can I include on my policy?

Fleet Breakdown Cover

Fleet Breakdown Cover

Fleet Breakdown Cover is slightly different to your normal personal breakdown cover. You get all the same perks as you would have on a single vehicle, however cover is applied to each vehicle you select all under one premium. This means that any driver registered on your fleet of specified business cars, vans or HGV’s is covered on the vehicles you selected, protecting you against costly down time and damage to your reputation should one of your vehicles break down.

Fleet Public Liability

Fleet Public Liability

Unfortunately, you cannot add Public Liability Cover to a fleet policy like you would Breakdown cover. However, we are able to offer separate Public Liability Insurance for businesses. Check out our Public Liability Insurance page for more information or speak to one of our experts today.

Public Liability

Still confused about Fleet Insurance?

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