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Market Traders Insurance

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Market Traders Insurance
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One Insurance Solution Market Traders Insurance

If you are a Market Trader, you need to ensure that every facet of your market stall business is properly insured. Public Liability insurance, stock insurance, cover for employees and insurance for your truck or van can make up a great set of covers. Years of experience have taught us the best ways to arrange the ideal market traders insurance cover for you. With our range of Market Traders insurance providers, explore how you can tailor your preferred Market Traders insurance cover and get a quote with us today.

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What is Market Traders Insurance?

What is Market Traders Insurance?

Market Traders insurance is a name for the type of insurance that any professional business operating in a market, craft fair, farmer’s market, festival, exhibition, or car boot organisers - would take out to protect themselves.

If you use employees, then having Employers Liability insurance is a mandatory legal requirement. If you deal with the public or conduct business in a public space (like an outdoor market, or event show), then you should also take out Public Liability insurance. For market traders, this is especially relevant considering the bustling backdrop that market traders normally thrive in, with many members of the public being in the area at any given time. In this way, Market Traders' Public Liability insurance is designed to protect you and your stall from claims made by members of the public if they suffer a loss or injury because of your business. Accidents can happen, so it's vital to have your business insured for peace of mind.


Does Market Traders Insurance cover the products I sell?

As a Market Trader, you are responsible for the products you sell. Even if you buy your products wholesale and simply repackage them, you are the first port of call if a customer suffers damage from either using or consuming your product. This means that it is your responsibility to have Products Liability Insurance in place if you want to make sure your business is fully covered.

Products Liability Insurance may be available as an extension within a Public Liability policy. You can easily tweak this policy to make sure it matches with your business's criteria. 
Should I get Van Insurance as well?

Should I get Van Insurance as well?

Some insurers may consider offering a discount on your insurances if you also ask them to cover your van or commercial vehicle. If you already have this cover in place, many insurers can help you set up your insurance in a way that means all your insurance policies renew at the same time. Getting your van/vehicle insurance and Market Traders Insurance to renew at the same time can not only save you time, it can also give you a better chance of negotiating discounts with your insurer.

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What if my trade body offers insurance for free?

Many market trade bodies will include insurance arrangements as part of the sign-up fees of membership. While this can be simpler to arrange, the insurance cover that the trade bodies provides can often be rather basic, and can be designed for “mass market”. 

For some traders, this set-up works nicely. However, our market trader customers often feel they need something properly customised for their individual needs. They trust an experienced Market Traders insurance broker like us to find the best insurance for them and their business.
How much cover do I need as a Market Trader?

How much cover do I need as a Market Trader?

In general, we offer levels of cover at £1, £2, £5, and £10 million to fully protect you and your business. However, some market sites or market associations will often insist on a certain level of cover. Some of our market traders find the recommended liability cover from their most demanding market site, and use this as a base when arranging cover with us.


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How much does Market Trader Insurance cost?

Every market trader, events seller, kiosk operator, and licensed trader is unique. The reason your customers come back to you time and again is what makes you different. Because no two traders are identical, the price of insurance will be different from business to business. In general, here are some aspects that may affect this:

  • The amount of cover you need. We can arrange different levels of cover, but the more cover you require, the higher premium the insurers will charge. 
  • Number of employees. Generally speaking, your premium will increase as you employ more and more people in the business.
  • Length of trading. Businesses that have been trading for a longer time period will often have lower premiums. Provided you haven’t had any large claims in the past years, you can expect a lower price for your insurance. 
  • Your turnover. A lower turnover normally means a lower premium. 

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