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Employers Liability Insurance

A compulsory insurance that covers your employees if they become sick or injured whilst at work

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One Insurance Solution Employers Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability normally comes hand in hand with Public Liability. It gives your business important protection if you have any employees. We offer a standard cover level of £10m with no excess. This covers injuries or disease to employees caused by their work.
A legal requirement
  • As per the Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance Act 1969 - having employers liability is a legal requirement for anyone who employs anyone in a legal capacity.

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What is Employers Liability Insurance?

The purpose of Employers liability is to give your company protection in case an employee sues you for injury or sickness caused by their work. This includes volunteers, part time members of staff and people on work experience. In 1969 the government brought in the Employees Liability compulsory insurance act that made this law.

Even if the injury doesn’t show itself for several years. It covers the payments to be made to your employee plus any legal costs associated with a claim.

Employers Liability does not come on its own, it comes combined with Public Liability insurance. Most of the time you will need to take out a Public Liability Insurance with Employers Liability added on to it.

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Do I need Employers Liability Insurance?

If you employ anyone in any capacity – it is a legal requirement to cover them for employers liability.

If you are a limited company with more than one sole director, be that either additional employees or additional directors you will also need to have employer’s liability.

There are some exceptions to the rule. If your employee/other director is a direct family member, if you are a partnership, if your employee is an official Subcontractor.

What are the risks of not having Employers Liability?

Should an employee get injured, you would have to fund the potential claim yourself, which can be very expensive if you have to go to court. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) would then fine you. You can be fined up to £2,500 per day that you have not held the correct level of insurance. This can be back dated to the point you should have held it. That would mean the potential fine for a years’ worth of incorrect insurance would be just shy of £1,000,000.

If you are unable to produce an Employers Liability certificate to your employees, this also carries a fine of £1,000.

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