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Taxi Insurance

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Taxi Insurance

Taxi Insurance through The Taxi Insurer

If you are a taxi driver, it can be confusing when it comes to Taxi Insurance. When your livelihood depends on your taxi, you know better than anyone else how important it is to get your insurance right first time. Here at The Taxi Insurer, a trading name of Insurance Factory Limited, we agree with you. 

With an extensive range of cover options, across some of the most well-known names in Taxi Insurance, we are the Hire and Reward insurance brokers to turn to for your bespoke taxi policy. Explore our covers and benefits by choosing the ones most suitable for you. See how you could get the ultimate peace of mind, by allowing you to do what you do best, get a quick Taxi Insurance quote today. 

*Subject to Insurer terms and conditions. Policy changes can be upgraded when required. Deliveries - the taxi vehicle must remain plated and the Driver must remain badged. Insurance Cover for this extension, will be reviewed upon renewal and re-confirmed, if it is to continue.

What we cover

  • Private Hire Taxi Insurance
  • Public Hire Taxi Insurance
  • Taxi Fleet Insurance
  • Chauffeur Insurance
  • Minibus Taxi Insurance
  • Under 25 Taxi Insurance
  • Short term Taxi Insurance
  • Downgrade of Cover Options available including reducing to Social Domestic and Pleasure cover use temporarily*
  • Fast food, parcel and other such humanitarian deliveries (including Ubereats / JustEat / Deliveroo / Dominos / Amazon / DPD / Yodel and other similar nationwide Companies)*

The Comprehensive Taxi Insurance Brokers

Here at The Taxi Insurer, we have access to specialist insurance prices from the UK’s best Taxi Insurance providers. 

Whether you are looking for Private Hire Taxi Insurance or Public Hire Taxi insurance, we will find the most suitable Taxi Insurance policy for you, tailoring every aspect to meet your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for Taxi Insurance on a budget, or a fully comprehensive policy with all the upgrades, your requirements can be fully accommodated. 

Concerned that you may lose the keys to your taxi, or that you may need a replacement vehicle in case the worst happens, maybe Taxi breakdown cover is a must have? You can find covers for those instances and more when looking for your Taxi Insurance through The Taxi Insurer

Talking to our team of experts is the best way to get everything that you’re looking for. Challenge us to beat your Taxi Insurance renewal quote or new policy price by calling us on 0192 645 4929 today. 

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How much is Taxi Insurance?

Every taxi driver has different needs and circumstances, meaning that the cost of Taxi Insurance will vary from person to person. Getting the best price on Taxi Insurance quotes whilst having the right level of cover is the optimal outcome, and so understanding what could affect the best price available to you is important.

A few examples of factors that can affect your Taxi insurance cost are:

  • Your postcode
  • The licencing authority you are registered to
  • How long you have held your taxi badge
  • Your age
  • Any previous no claims discount
  • Claims free experience
  • The type of vehicle

If you have zero no claims bonus, you can still take advantage of introductory discounts. Speak to one of our friendly experts and let us know your needs.

Private Hire and Public Hire Taxi Insurance

We provide for a variety of needs, such as:

  • Taxi fleets
  • Chauffeur
  • School contracts
  • Uber
  • Minibus hire & reward
  • Any driver Taxi Insurance
  • Hire and reward Taxi Insurance
  • Short term Taxi Insurance

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Been refused Taxi Insurance elsewhere? 

If you have been previously refused Taxi Driver Insurance, it’s easy to feel frustrated. We can look to provide cover in almost all circumstances. Our close relationships with some of the largest Taxi Insurance companies, allows us to negotiate on your behalf to get the Taxi Insurance cover you need. 


For example, you can have cover arranged if you:

  • Are a new taxi driver
  • Are a London taxi driver (PCO TFL)
  • Have previous claims
  • Have previous motoring convictions 
  • Lease your vehicle
  • Are a Chauffeur driver or have a high-value vehicle 
  • Have lived in the UK for a minimum of 2 years

Additional Taxi Insurance Covers and Extras

Feel like you may need extra coverage against certain circumstances for your taxi? Concerned that you could be stuck should your taxi break down, or if you lose your taxi keys? You can find additional protection for those instances and more at The Taxi Insurer

Taxi Breakdown cover

Taxi Breakdown cover

Ever worried about what you’d do if your taxi ever broke down? We offer Specialist Breakdown Cover so in the event of your vehicle breaking down, you don’t have to worry.

Vehicle replacement

Vehicle replacement

At The Taxi Insurer we are aware that you depend on your taxi on a daily basis. You know better than anybody how badly an accident could affect your ability to work. If a non-fault accident happens, we include a replacement plated vehicle free of charge. For a fault claim, this extra cover can give you a replacement vehicle for up to 14 days.

Legal protection

Legal protection

Have you ever been in an accident? The Legal Protection extra provides you with up to £100,000 of cover for solicitors and court expenses.

Public liability

Public liability

Public Liability cover protects you against damage or injury to third parties, including their belongings. The bulk of school contracts and some councils make public liability cover mandatory for their drivers. We can provide cover from £1 million to £10 million.

Excess protection

Excess protection

Excess protection is a type of cover that reimburses your excess payment following a successful claim. You can choose to cover yourself from £300, £500 or £1000.

Need more help with understanding Taxi Insurance?

Ever wondering how do I become a taxi driver? Need help arranging Taxi Insurance? Looking for more information about the different levels of cover we provide, or about our additional extras? We understand how confusing Insurance for Taxi drivers can be, even more so when you need to have it for your livelihood. That’s why we have created a helpful Taxi Insurance Guide to explain the process of becoming a taxi driver and insuring your vehicle from start to finish.

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