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Brightside can offer you a whole range of insurance products at great prices 

Car Insurance

We offer instant, affordable car insurance with a wide range of cover options tailored to you.

Van Insurance

We insure all kinds of vans, no matter what your van you can rely on us for a great rate

GAP Insurance

If you have a vehicle you wouldn’t be able to replace to the same standard you need GAP insurance.

Taxi Insurance

We offer instant, cover for private and public hire vehicles. Challenge us to beat your new or renewal price

Minibus Insurance

We provide cover for Commercial, and Personal vehicles including PSV, Educational, Charities through to Clubs

Goods In Transit Insurance

Protect the goods you move for others, or your own tools and equipment whilst they're in your vehicle.

Courier Insurance

Cover for couriers, transporters, and anyone using their vehicle to deliver other peoples things on UK roads for hire or reward.

Fleet Insurance

You can often get a better deal by putting all of your business vehicles onto one, easy to manage insurance policy.

Haulage and Truck Insurance

If you have trucks, HGV’s, or haulage vehicles on the road, we can help you get the right insurance.