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Fleet Insurance

An all-in-one policy for the vehicles you use in your business. Putting all your vehicles on one insurance policy can save time and money.

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Fleet Insurance
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One Insurance Solution Fleet Insurance

We offer a great range of Fleet insurance so you can find the best one for you. This is backed by our great customer service team that helps you add and remove vehicles with ease.

The process is simple, straight forward and is designed to help you get the cover you need in an easy way. 

Perfect for
  • Courier Fleets
  • Business Fleets
  • HGV Fleets
  • Mixed Vehicle Fleets
  • Multiple Cars

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We work tirelessly with a panel of the UK's best-loved fleet insurers to offer you the best policy at the best price.

What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is designed to simplify motor insurance for multiple vehicles. It’s a way to insure a number of vehicles under one policy with one renewal date and the flexibility of having Any Driver policies. 

A business fleet can be made up of a mixture of vehicle types, or a fleet can be all of the same type including cars, vans, HGV’s.

When you claim with fleet insurance, it is registered across the entire policy rather than on a specific vehicle. This means the risk is spread across all the vehicles which can lead to a lower overall premium.  

Minibus Fleet

Standard no claims bonus

  • Designed for standard-use cars
  • Focuses on one specific vehicle
  • Effects price greatly if you make a claim
  • Based on the claims history of a single vehicle

Fleet Claims Experience

  • Designed for multiple vehicles in a group
  • Focuses on the whole fleet
  • Based on the total claim history of the whole fleet
Will fleet insurance save me money?

Will fleet insurance save me money?

Fleet insurance will often be cheaper compared to multiple Any Driver policies and also depends on each individual case. This is because the policy is rated on the overall risk of the whole fleet combined. If you insured a single vehicle and it had a big claim, insuring that vehicle in the future might be tricky. But insurers can be more forgiving over a single claim on a large fleet policy as it represents only one part of the overall policy.

The management of adding and removing vehicles and drivers from a fleet policy is quick and simple which means that you can also save money on administration costs.

You can get your fleet insurance even cheaper by being selective about your drivers, your parking location, and managing your vehicles with telematics.

What does fleet insurance cover?

You can get three different levels of cover of fleet insurance

Third party fire and theft, Third party only, and Comprehensive. These three levels work like normal car insurance where comprehensive provides the best cover. Some insurers will not offer Third Party Only for fleet policies. 

A fleet insurance policy can be set up on an “any driver” basis, or it can cover just specified drivers with select insurers. 

Fleet insurance doesn’t cover vehicles used just for social, domestic, or pleasure purposes. It's specifically designed for fleets of vehicles used as part of a business or company. 


Business man holding a briefcase stands next to two commercial van vehicle, representing business fleet insurance.

If you need assistance with Fleet Insurance check out our helpful Fleet Insurance guide. If you still have any questions we're just a phone call away.

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