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Home Insurance with Lodgers

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Home Insurance with Lodgers
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Home insurance to include lodgers

If you have a lodger or receive paying guests, finding home insurance can be tricky.

At One Insurance Solution (a trading style of Brightside Insurance Services Ltd), we have access to a panel of non-standard insurers to help you get the cover you need.

We have over 15 years experience in helping our customers get home insurance and can offer flexible payment options to suit your circumstances.

We can offer home insurance if you:

  • Receive paying guests
  • Have a permanent lodger or lodgers
  • Have students living with you (domestic and international)
Home insurance for when you rent a room out

Home insurance for when you rent a room out

If you own your home, a great way to gain some extra income is to rent out a spare room. This could be short term for paying guests visiting for a matter of days or weeks. Domestic or international students throughout the academic year and summer or having a permanent lodger for 6 or 12 months.

Renting a room out however, can have impacts on your home insurance. Standard insurance may not be able to offer cover and the majority of home insurance specifically designed for lodgers will exclude theft cover unless certain criteria is met.

With this, making sure you have the correct home insurance is vital, which is where One Insurance Solution come in. As a broker, we can search our panel of insurers for you, meaning multiple quotes for you to choose from.

Lodgers and paying guests home insurance FAQs

Can I rent out a room in my house?

If you own your home you can rent out rooms within it. You will need to consider agreements with guests and lodgers, the tax implications of additional income, any other fees/costs involved and then your home insurance. If you rent your property (not the owner) you will not be allowed to rent empty rooms out unless your landlord has agreed that you can 'sublet'.

Do I need landlord insurance for lodgers?

If you own and live in the same property as the one you are renting to lodgers or paying guests, you will not need to purchase landlord insurance. You would only need landlord insurance if the property you were renting rooms in was owned by you and not your permanent residence. You will however need to inform your insurance company as they may not be able to cover lodgers. One Insurance Solution fortunately have access to insurers that can provide home insurance to include lodgers.

Does home insurance with lodgers cover theft?

On most home insurance policies that include cover for lodgers, theft will be excluded unless certain events take place. Theft would not be insured unless there are visible signs of forced or violent entry into the property. If one of the lodgers or paying guests were to steal anything it would not be covered. This is not the case for all insurers so it is always best to discuss this exclusion with your insurer or broker.

We work with a panel of Non-Standard insurers

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