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Why Logical Choice Insurance?

  • We work with  a panel of UK insurers to provide you with a quote based on your individual needs.
  • We can cover all sorts of unique circumstances – low NCD, a criminal conviction, imports, and modifications.
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What is imported car insurance?

It’s easier than ever to transport goods around the world, so more and more people are taking advantage by purchasing products from abroad. This has led to an increase in vehicles being imported into the UK, and it’s now possible to own a vehicle you couldn’t have access to 10 or 20 years ago.

Many insurers won’t insure imported cars due to the difference in parts and specifications which means a standard policy often won’t be enough to cover your vehicle.

While repairs can be more expensive, we don’t think that should get in the way of you owning your dream car. That’s why our imported car insurance is provided by insurers who know imported vehicles inside out, ensuring you get the type of cover you need at an affordable price.

With an Imported Car insurance policy provided by Logical Choice, you’ll have the same type of cover as with a regular car insurance policy. So, whether you choose third party only, third party fire and theft, or comprehensive cover, you’ll have access to the same benefits as if you were insuring a car manufactured in the UK.

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Car insurance for imported cars through Logical Choice

Our specialist car insurance products provide cover for everything included in our standard policies, including:

Third party only

This will only cover other vehicles or people involved in an accident that was your fault. It doesn’t protect you or your vehicle if an incident takes place.

Third party fire and theft

As with third party only insurance, third party fire and theft covers any injuries sustained by a third party involved in an accident with you and the damage done to their vehicle. It also covers any damage from fire or theft caused to your vehicle.


Comprehensive insurance covers everything included with third party fire and theft, but if you are involved in an accident that you caused, damage to your car is also covered.

As well as the traditional types of cover, we can also provide:

RAC breakdown cover


Excess protection


Key cover


Motor legal expenses


How much does imported car insurance cost?

Imported car insurance tends to be more expensive than regular car insurance. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Some imported cars have improved specifications, making them faster to drive. Similar to performance and modified cars, this makes imported cars statistically more likely to be involved in an accident.
  2. Imported car parts are usually different, making repairs more expensive as replacements are harder to source.
  3. The standards by which cars need to be built differs from country to country. For example, an imported car being left-hand drive can impact price.

However, these are probably the reasons why you bought your imported car in the first place. We know the different specifications and parts are what makes your car so special, so our specialist policies are designed to cover your vehicle wherever it’s from.

Types of imported car

The type of imported car can also influence your premium. There are two types of imported vehicle: grey and parallel.


Grey imports are vehicles built outside out the EU and therefore aren’t manufactured to European standards. This isn’t to say the cars aren’t well-made; in fact, grey imported cars can often have higher specifications than EU-made vehicles. However, it means they’re typically more expensive to insure than their European counterparts because of their use of different parts and, often, higher specifications.


Parallel car imports are those manufactured within the EU. As a result, parts tend to be similar, the vehicles are built to European standards, and meet the recommended levels of specifications. Insurers see them as less likely to be involved in an incident which is why parallel car insurance is typically cheaper.

Car insurance for Japanese imports

There’s a reason why Japanese cars are so popular: the country manufactures a huge number of vehicles, is efficient at making them at scale, and as a result their cars tend to be cheap to buy.

That Japanese vehicles are grey imports – built outside of the EU - means they can be more expensive to insure. But we recognise that their popularity means many of our customers will need to insure their Japanese car. That’s why we’ve built special relationships with some of the largest insurers in the UK to ensure you get the cover you require, regardless of where your car was manufactured.

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