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Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber attacks are the third most likely risk facing the globe. Protect your business today

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Cyber Liability Insurance
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Data Breach Insurance

Data Breach Insurance

Large or small, a Cyber attack can have severe consequences for business owners. The more we rely on technology in day to day life and for the running of our businesses, the higher the importance becomes to protect yourselves from digital threats.

Implementing digital and cyber security measures can help try to prevent an attack happening, but what do you do if you suffer a breach and sensitive data is stolen? The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport estimates that a business could run up costs of around £4000 if a breach were to happen.

That's where Cyber Liability Insurance comes in.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber Liability or Cyber Risk Insurance, covers your liability as a business, if a data breach involving sensitive customer information was to occur. This type of cover is sometimes included with Professional Indemnity but is limited in capacity compared to a standalone policy. 

A Cyber Security insurance policy can cover the following:

Breach Costs

Costs incurred in responding to an actual or suspected data breach

Cyber Business Interruption

Business interruption losses following a cyber incident, including as a result of reputational damage

Hacker Damage

Costs incurred in replacing/repairing damage caused by a hacker

Cyber Extortion

Costs incurred in the event of a threat to damage or disrupt computer systems, or publish information

Crisis Containment

Public relations response – prompt, confident communications

Privacy Protection

Costs incurred in responding to an actual or suspected data breach

Media Liability

Defence costs and awards / settlements made following legal action as a result of a company's online presence.

Normal Inclusions:

  • Legal fees
  • IT forensics
  • Notification costs
  • Credit monitoring services
  • Call centre set up
  • Loss of income
  • Increased costs of working
  • Computer systems
  • Computer programmes
  • Data held electronically
  • Ransom payment
  • Consultant to handle negotiations
  • Expert advice to assist with developing communication strategies to running a 24/7 crisis press office
Types of Cyber attack your business could face

Types of Cyber attack your business could face

No matter the size of your business, covering your cyber liability is a priority. If you hold any client data or have any digital interaction both internally and externally, you face the possibility of falling victim to these types of cyber attacks. 

Malware & Ransomware

Probably the most common type of Cyber attack, malware and ransomware infect computers in order to steal confidential information. Ransomware is a version of malware that stops users being able to access their computer until a 'ransom' payment is paid.


Almost everyone has come across a phishing email scam sent to their personal email. Hackers send authentic looking emails to their victims, attempting to dupe them into handing over personal information. Businesses are also susceptible to this type of attack.

Advanced persistent threat

This type of attack is very intricate and involves stealing small pieces of information over a long period of time in order to avoid detection.
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DDos (Direct Denial of Service)

Denial of Service cyber attacks are mostly aimed at large companies. Hackers aim to shut down the systems or website of their intended target. 

Man in the middle

In this kind of attack, hackers impersonate a business or a customer in order to gain sensitive information.

Password attacks

Also known as a Brute-force attack, this is where hackers use an advanced trial and error method to figure out secure passwords, gaining access to databases, accounts and other sensitive information. 

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How much does Cyber Liability Insurance cost?

How much does Cyber Liability Insurance cost?

The cost of your policy will depend on a number of factors like: your business sector, annual turnover, and the number of records you process.

Because of the nature of Cyber attacks, it’s important to get the right cover for your business.

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