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Minibus Insurance

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Minibus Insurance
Part of The Taxi Insurer, a trading name of Insurance Factory Limited

Taxi Insurer Minibus Insurance

Taxi Insurer is a leading specialist broker for Minibus Insurance. Thanks to our special relationships with the UK’s largest minibus insurers, we can always deliver competitive prices. This is why we are recognised as one of the UK’s leading minibus insurance brokers.

We can provide

  • PSV Minibus Insurance
  • Commuting and Business Use Minibus Insurance
  • Minibus Insurance for Schools and Colleges
  • Minibus Insurance for Care and Residential homes
  • Sports and Social Clubs Minibus Insurance
  • Tour Operators


  • Minibus Insurance for Religious Groups
  • 17 seater Minibus Insurance (max up to 23 seats)
  • Minibus Fleet Insurance
  • Minibus Insurance for Charities
  • Minibus Insurance for private use
  • Cover drivers up to 80 years of age
The comprehensive Minibus Insurance brokers

The comprehensive Minibus Insurance brokers

Whether you are looking for Minibus Insurance on a budget, or a fully comprehensive policy, with our extensive range of cover options across some of the most well-known names in the industry, we are the insurance brokers of choice for your ideal minibus policy.

Speak to one of our expert specialists for a no obligation quote to see how much you could save on your renewal or new quote price. Challenge us to beat your renewal or new quote price today.

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Been refused Minibus Insurance elsewhere?

If you have tried to get minibus insurance previously only to be refused, you may be feeling understandably frustrated. However, due to our close relationship with a panel of big-name UK minibus insurers, we can seek to provide cover in almost all circumstances. This means that we can negotiate on your behalf to provide you with Insurance for Minibus at a highly competitive price despite any prior refusals.

We can arrange Minibus cover if

  • You use your minibus for charity, PSV, clubs or religious organisations
  • You use your minibus for either Personal or Business use
  • You have previous claims
  • You have previous motoring convictions
  • You lease your vehicle
  • You drive your minibus in the EU
  • You require Section 19 or Section 21 permit cover
  • You have had seats removed
  • You need an any driver policy
  • You haven't lived in the UK for a minimum of 2 years

Additional Minibus Insurance covers and optional extras

Are you in need of any extra requirements in your Minibus Insurance policy to cover yourself in the case of specific scenarios? As a leading Minibus Insurance broker, here at Taxi Insurer we can offer you the extra cover you are looking for. By speaking with our friendly experts, they can talk you through each option available to you. For additional information just phone us today on 0192 645 4927.

Minibus Breakdown cover

Minibus Breakdown cover

If you find yourself in the unfortunate scenario of your minibus breaking down, you will not have to worry. Here at Taxi Insurer we offer specialist Minibus Breakdown Insurance Cover to get you on the road as quickly as possible.

Key cover

Key cover

This covers you if your keys are lost or stolen, no matter what the size your bunch of keys. This also includes key fobs.

Public liability

Public liability

For a business minibus user, the majority of school contracts and some councils, Public Liability insurance is mandatory. You can protect yourself with this optional extra.

Excess protection

Excess protection

Excess Protection allows you to recover your excess payment following a successful claim.

Personal accident

Personal accident

Offers compensation for death and specific injuries sustained as a result of being in a minibus accident.

Vehicle replacement

Vehicle replacement

At Taxi Insurer we know that you rely on your Minibus on a daily basis, and you know better than anybody how adversely an accident could affect your work and income. This optional extra can supply you with a replacement vehicle for 14 days.

Need help with Minibus Insurance?

We understand how confusing insurance can be, even more so when you have a larger vehicle for transporting people. For more information on the different uses for a minibus, the licences needed and what types of cover you can purchase depending on your needs visit our website. With this knowledge, you can be confident in making sure your minibus is correctly insured with our help.

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