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Temporary Car Insurance

Only need car insurance on a short-term basis? Depending on your individual circumstances, here at Brightside we could provide you with a cheap temporary car insurance policy through our third-party partner Tempcover to cover your vehicle across a short period of your choice, from 24 hours to a maximum of 28 days.

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Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance Quotes

Sometimes you only need car insurance to cover a specific use. Maybe you only need a car insured for a trip to and from an airport to pick up friends or family before the vehicle goes back into storage. Maybe you require an additional person insured on your car just for a road trip so you can share the driving – meaning you can get some extra shut-eye in the passenger seat. We can even provide temporary car insurance for new drivers, or short-term learner insurance to cover a driver for a brief period while they are still learning to drive their car out on the roads.

No matter the reason, if you need temporary car insurance then Brightside can help you with a short-term car insurance policy. Fill out our quick temporary car insurance quote form today for a quote accurately tailored to your specific individual needs. See how much you could save with Brightside Insurance.

Does Temporary Car Insurance mean less coverage?

Not at all – the car insurance coverage available to you remains the same even on a short-term basis. With our temporary car insurance brokering service, you can get any of the three levels of coverage, plus any additional insurance add-ons like short-term breakdown cover, exactly the same as you would do when taking out a regular car insurance policy through us. Whether you require Third Party Only cover, Third Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT) cover or a full Comprehensive car insurance policy on a temporary basis, we can provide it for you, from 24 hours to 28 days coverage.

For more information on TPFT insurance and the extent of its coverage, please see our ‘What Does Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance Cover?’ article.

Temporary Car Insurance Brokers

Brightside are brokers for a vast range of insurances, including temporary car cover.

This means that we work with a wide panel of some of the UK’s most well-known insurers to offer you not just a competitive price, but also to craft a bespoke insurance quote tailored specifically to your needs.

Some of the popular insurers we work with include AXA, Aviva, Ageas and many more. With so many temporary car insurance companies on our roster of working partners, the likelihood of finding your ideal short-term car insurance can only improve when getting a quote through Brightside.

We can arrange temporary car cover if you:

  • Haven't lived in the UK all your life
  • Have previous claims
  • Have previous motoring or criminal convictions
  • Are not the registered owner of the vehicle
  • Own a modified or high value car
  • -- and many more.

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Additional Temporary Car Insurance Coverages

Just like with a regular long-term car insurance policy, you can add on as much or as little additional coverage to your bespoke temporary car insurance policy as you wish. Extra features that you can take advantage of through Brightside include:

Short-term breakdown cover

Short-term breakdown cover

At Brightside, we understand that having your car taken off the road can be very frustrating, especially if you’re only driving it temporarily. Having the right temporary breakdown cover in place is very important and our Breakdown Cover, provided by RAC, is designed to fit multiple needs and budgets with many different options available, even on a temporary car insurance policy. With the RAC fixing on average one car every 19 seconds, you couldn't be in better hands should the car you’re driving get stuck at the roadside.

Excess Protection

Excess Protection

Excess Protection lets you claim back the money you will have to pay out in the event of a claim. This means that you can get the benefit of a cheaper quote and still have the cost of the excess amount covered in the event of a claim. This way, you don't lose out. Excess Protection can be applied to any insurance policy that carries an excess, including temporary car insurance.

Key cover

Key cover

Even if you’re driving a car on a temporary basis, you won’t get very far without the keys. Keys can easily be misplaced and lost, but, fortunately, we can provide Key Cover for temporary car insurance policies. Our Key Cover will reimburse you for any assistance you get from a qualified locksmith in the event of your car keys being lost, including cutting new keys.

Get in contact with our expert insurance brokers at Brightside and see how much you can save with your bespoke temporary car insurance quote today.