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Office Insurance

Whether big or small, your office is the centre of your business. Get competitive cover today.

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Office Insurance
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Office Insurance from One Insurance Solution 

With many available options you can protect your business easily with our bespoke office insurance. Combining public liability, employer's liability, building insurance and more, you can ensure you’re protected in every scenario. Whether you need computer breakdown cover or have expensive furniture, we can find the perfect package to protect your business in case the worst ever did happen.

Cover for

  • Buildings cover
  • Public & Employers Liability
  • Computer breakdown
  • Revenue protection
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What are the risks of not Insuring my Office?

What are the risks of not Insuring my Office?

Although only employer's liability is a legal requirement to any business that employs staff, it is wise to think about protection for the rest of your business. 

If a fire or flood damaged not only your building, but the expensive equipment within, could you afford to pay out to repair the damages? This also doesn’t cover the money lost whilst your business hasn’t been able to run properly. Additionally, if an employee or member of the public has an accident due to your negligence, it could cost up to millions of pounds in compensation and legal costs.

It makes sense to protect your assets today. Get your quote online or call us on 0344 902 8316

How much is Office Insurance?

As you can build your own unique office insurance cover and choose different requirements, there is no set cost. The price will be dependent on the make-up of your business and the cover included - for example, you may want office contents insurance as well as protection for your employees. 


Main factors affecting price

• Security
• Type of business operations
• Cost of equipment
• Annual gross income

The best deals on the market

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We work tirelessly with a panel of the UK's best-loved insurers to offer you the best policy at the best price

We do more than Office Insurance..

It is our job here at One Insurance Solution to find the right insurance package for you. As well as office insurance, we provide cover for a range of different needs and requirements. From holiday home to horsebox and simple car insurance, our experienced employees are guaranteed to create the unique package you want. We cater for the following insurance packages (and more!):