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There is perhaps nothing more comforting than having peace of mind in your own home. When you come home after a long day, the last thing you want to do is to have to worry about the protection of your house and all the contents and prized possessions within it. That is where we come in. As part of Brightside Insurance, here at One Insurance Solution, you have some of the UK’s top home insurers. These are available for you to cover a wide range of circumstances and personal needs. You can tailor your perfect home insurance policy within a matter of minutes. 

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We have special relationships with the UK’s largest home insurers allowing us to always deliver competitive prices.

With buildings insurance and contents insurance covers available, as well as a host of optional extra benefits, you can get a home insurance quote with us today.  You can then have the greatest peace of mind possible when you put your feet up at the end of the day.

Get a Home Insurance quote fast and hassle-free

Home insurance can be confusing at the best of times. That’s why you can be rest assured that our quote process and path to purchasing house insurance is as smooth, fast and simple as possible. 

Using an expert home insurance broker such as us to help you get your ideal policy could save you time and money. Not only does our quote process only take a matter of minutes, being able to have your quote both sourced from and compared amongst our range of top-name home insurers means that you’ll always be given the best price for the cover(s) you have specified. So, you can be sure that the things that are closest to you are protected as quickly as possible for the most cost-effective price based on your requirements.

You can call one of our expert advisers today for a no-obligation house insurance quote at 0333 414 1872 to see how much we could save you today. 

Been refused Home Insurance elsewhere?

We have a large panel of insurers we work with. Therefore we can provide cover in almost all circumstances.  We can provide a tailored household insurance quote package to meet your needs.

For example, we can arrange home insurance cover if:

  • You need unoccupied property insurance
  • You have previous subsidence, heave, or landslip
  • You have previous claims
  • Your property is awaiting renovation
  • Your property is primarily for business use
  • Your property is of a non-standard construction
  • You have criminal convictions
  • You live in a flood risk area
  • You have a holiday home or park home

This is just a small sample of what we can cover. You can call today for friendly advice and to enquire about your property insurance needs.

Home Insurance Optional Extras

At Brightside Home, we don’t just offer standard home insurance. Should you have specific requirements, you can customise your house insurance cover to protect your home in the case of various scenarios, such as accidental damage, problems with your plumbing, the loss of keys and many more. You can see the basics of these optional benefits below, and check out our in-depth Home Insurance Guide for more information on these insurance add-ons.

Home Emergency Assistance

Provides 24-hour Emergency Assistance covering a wide range of property related emergencies which may include plumbing, drainage, security, gas and water supply.

Key Cover

Whatever the size of your bunch of keys, you’d probably be lost without them. Key Cover provides protection for locksmith charges, new locks and replacement keys, so if your keys get lost, stolen or damaged you won’t be locked out in the cold.

Legal Protection

If desired, you could obtain personal Legal Protection worth up to £50,000 to help you with any domestic disputes concerning your property and any employment issues.

Excess Protection

Excess Protection is a policy that reimburses your excess payment following a successful claim. This is a good way of getting a lower premium, allowing you to select a higher level of excess and reduce your payments.

Personal Possessions Cover

Items you take outside your home are not always covered by your contents insurance. At One Insurance Solution, however, you can receive advice on the type of cover you will need to protect your valued items. Personal Possessions cover insures everyday items such as mobile phones, watches, jewellery and laptops that you take with you when you’re out and about.

Accidental Damage Cover

You could take the best care of your property feasibly possible, but every now and again, accidents unfortunately happen. Accidental Damage protects you against any damage that occurs suddenly as a result of an unexpected event.

If you need assistance with Home Insurance, check out our helpful Home Insurance guide we have put together. If you need further help, we're just a phone call away.

Challenge us to beat your home quote or renewal price today. Call us on 0330 414 1872 or fill out the callback form by clicking the button below.

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