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Optional Extra Motor Insurance Covers

We can offer you a suite of other products to sit alongside your motor product.

Find out more about each of them below.

Optional Extra Motor Insurance Covers

Breakdown cover brought to you by RAC 

At Brightside, we understand that you can’t afford for your vehicle to be off the road. Having the right breakdown cover is very important and our Breakdown Cover, provided by RAC, is designed to fit multiple needs and budgets with many different covers available.

Below are the types of cover we offer

Roadside & Recovery

This basic breakdown product offers roadside assistance and recovery to anywhere in the UK - but won't cover you if your vehicle wont start outside your home.

At Home

Our next and most popular level of cover does include assistance at home and gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will be looked at, wherever you have broken down. Especially useful for those cold mornings where you are struggling to get off your driveway. This means you get everything you get with Roadside & Recovery, but RAC will also come out to you at home or at your office as well. This level of cover is perfect for making sure you're not stranded by the roadside.

Onward Travel

There are times when the RAC can't fix your vehicle at the roadside which means your vehicle needs to go to the garage to be fixed. Onward Travel provides cover for alternative arrangements to get you where you need to go. 

The RAC will provide you with various options depending on your situation from getting you a replacement hire vehicle or other transport options such a train journeys or arranging overnight accommodation for you and those you're travelling with .


Key cover

Having car insurance is all well and good, but if you lose your keys then you can find yourself very much stuck. Key Cover protects you if your car keys are lost or stolen which includes £1,500 annual cover for locksmiths’ charges, new locks and keys.


Bike policy documents

Key Cover - Policy Wording

Car policy documents 

Key Cover - Policy Wording

Van policy documents 

Key Cover - Policy Wording


Excess Protection

Excess Protection lets you claim back the money you will have to pay out in the event of a claim. This means that you can get the benefit of a cheaper quote and still have the cost of the excess amount covered in the event of a claim so you don't lose out. Excess Protection can also be applied to any insurance policy that carries an excess.

Motor Legal Expenses

When you’ve had an accident which wasn’t your fault you sometimes need legal help. Without Motor Legal Expenses cover legal advice and representation could mean you lose some of your pay-out to pay the solicitors. Having Motor Legal Expenses can save you thousands in these situations as your legal costs are covered. Allowing you to keep all of your personal injury compensation and all of your uninsured losses that were recovered.


Tool cover

Tool cover

Whether you’re a tradesman or run a business the tools you use are crucial to you getting the job done. Have you ever thought about what would happen if these tools were stolen? The likelihood is you wouldn’t be able to work and would lose income. Thankfully at Brightside we offer tools insurance that will cover you against equipment being stolen, lost or damaged whilst being loaded, carried, temporarily housed, or being unloaded from your insured vehicle. - helping you get back to work sooner.


Van policy documents

Tool Cover - Policy Wording

Replacement / Courtesy Vehicle cover

If you find yourself temporarily without transport because your van is a total loss and there isn't an at fault third party from whom your insurer can recover costs – what can you do? If you rely on your van or car for a living, this can be a real problem for both your business and potentially your livelihood in the short term. Replacement / Courtesy Vehicle cover can plug that gap, providing you with a courtesy vehicle or cash alternative for up to two weeks whilst you find a permanent replacement van enabling you to carry on business as usual.

Van Replacment Vehicle Cover


Helmet and Leathers

Provides replacement helmet and leathers if your gear gets damaged – up to the value of £1500 

Policy documents 

Helmet and Leathers Cover - Policy Wording

Additional windscreen cover

It could happen to anybody; you’re driving along when suddenly you get a chip in your windscreen, or worse. Windscreen cover allows you to recoup the cost of any windscreen repairs, or even a full windscreen replacement if necessary. Windscreen cover is included as part of any comprehensive policy. However if you choose a Third Party Fire and Theft policy, or just Third Party, you have the option to buy this as an additional product.



Personal accident insurance

As an unfortunate fact of life, accidents can happen on the roads, sometimes through no fault of your own. However, Brightside can help give you peace of mind. Within our standard comprehensive policy you have personal accident insurance of up to £5,000 in the event of serious and/or unexpected injury whilst on the roads.

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