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Covid- 19 and Your Vehicle Insurance

The financial effects of Covid-19 have taken its toll on many of us. If you have been adversely affected, we can help you make decisions about your cover and its appropriateness and help you make contact with your premium finance provider Close Brothers – they provide the loan if you’re paying by direct debit. 

Your current level of insurance cover

It could be that you’re not driving as much as you had been previously, which may mean you want to lower the level of cover on your vehicle.


Monthly insurance payments

You may be finding it hard to pay your monthly direct debit for your insurance cover. You could consider requesting a payment deferral from your premium finance (Close Brothers Premium Finance).

You can contact them directly at closebrotherspf.com/coronavirus/customers

Please be aware that if you do decide this is the best option for you, you will still need to make these payments at a later date - so please do consider this option carefully.

There are some positive steps we can take together - things we can consider:

Your insurance cover

If you change of job

If you're changing the type of work you're doing or supplementing your income by becoming a courier or delivering hot food we can provide you with a great insurance quote. 

Key workers moving between locations 

As a key worker supporting the national response to Covid-19 your car insurance policy will cover you if you find yourself driving to work at locations you may not have stated when you took out your policy.

Optional extras 

With the government advising against non-essential travel, our partners like RAC and National Windscreen will prioritise their services to support emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles, key workers and critical service providers. Keep up to date by following these links; RACNational Windscreen

Reducing your cover 

If you're a taxi driver or courier you may want to consider reducing your cover but still ensuring your legally covered - we can help. We can downgrade your cover enabling you to be protected against fire or theft. Remember, if you want to SORN your vehicle you will need to take it completely off the road ie a driveway or garage. If you keep it on the road you will still need insurance. When your position changes remember to let us know so we can reinstate your full insurance cover.  

Using your vehicle if you're a volunteer  

As a volunteer your current policy will cover you if you've been kind enough to use your vehicle to help your local community - either by transporting medicines or groceries to support those affected by Covid-19. Thank you for all you're doing.

Website line

Remember, if you're a Brightside Car, Van or Bike customer you can manage your policy online including confirming you're going to renew your policy with us if you haven’t already opted-in.



Your business

Self employed support 

if you’re a self-employed individual or a member of a partnership you may be eligible to apply for the government scheme which will allow you to claim a taxable grant worth 80% of your trading profits up to a maximum of £2,500 per month for the next 3 months. This may be extended if needed. Follow the link to find out more

Taxi and Minibus drivers

We want to provide you with the reassurance, that we have been working hard with our insurers to extend cover for our Taxi and Minibus policyholders (where available). We understand that as each day evolves, our plans need to be able to support your insurance needs. Each insurance underwriter will have their own requirements. Each policy holder will need to check with us on a case by case basis.


Extending Cover
Certain taxi policies “can” temporarily cover drivers for deliveries of independent premises takeaway food*, groceries, prescriptions and parcels**. This will allow them to offer other Taxi services. 

Taxi policy holders will need to contact One Insurance Solution on 0333 4149 066, to check this is available to them and to add this extension to their policy.

* Can include delivering Uber Eats, Just East, Deliveroo or any similar contract companies.

** Can include multi-drop deliveries. EG: Amazon, DPD, PC World and similar contract companies.

Downgrade of Cover
Certain Taxi policies cover “can” be “LAID UP” if the vehicle has been declared SORN and is not kept on a Public Highway. Alternatively, policy holders may restrict cover to Social Domestic and Pleasure purposes only temporarily. Both options can be upgraded again in the future. If taxi policy holders would like to discuss downgrading cover, and upgrading again in the future, they can call our Customer Service teams on 0333 4149 066.


Extending Cover
Certain minibus policies “can” temporarily cover you for deliveries of groceries, prescriptions on a voluntary basis, should you wish to do this in the local community. To add this extension to your policy, please contact One Insurance Solution on 0333 4149 066.

Downgrade of Cover
There are a number of choices or scenarios available from different insurers. If you would like to discuss these options or downgrade your cover, please call One Insurance Solution on 0333 4149 066. Upgrading your insurance cover once again, will be possible when you are ready to get back on the road.

Your policy cover can be reduced if the vehicle is not going to be driven on a regular basis. 

Both of these options can be upgraded again in the future:

  • Your policy cover can be “LAID UP” if the vehicle has been declared SORN and is NOT kept on a Public Highway. 
  • You also may restrict cover to Social Domestic and Pleasure purposes ONLY temporarily. 
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Changes to our contact centre environment  

Here to help you

Insurance is an essential financial service product, and many of our customers are key workers who are collectively working in the national effort to support the country through Covid-19. Our customers include Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Delivery Drivers, and Essential Shop Workers. It is vital that we ensure they remain adequately covered, so that they can focus on their critical roles at this time. Plus non-key workers of course, still have a need that we need to service especially as there is a legal requirement to do have car insurance in place and many mortgage providers require homeowners to have Home Insurance in place.

How we continue to serve you and protect your data

To protect our people we have moved our contact centre into a working from home environment. We have carefully reviewed all of the risks associated with this move and have taken steps to mitigate as follows:

  • All of our contact centre agents have access to exactly the same systems that they access to previously. They are all trained to follow exactly the same best practices at home that they do in the office.

We have implemented Information Security Protocols on logins that home working agents use to access our systems, this includes:

  • Multi factor authentication implemented for login, this means that even if an agents password is accidentally compromised, access to our systems cannot be obtained.
  • Home Working Colleagues access is restricted. Meaning, for example, that no printing to a local printer at home can take place.