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Making a claim

So, you've had an accident and it wasn't your fault - what are you supposed to do now? Do you contact your insurer ? Do you contact their insurer? What questions will they ask? What evidence do you need to take from the scene of the accident?

What you might not know is that if you do have an accident that wasn't your fault it is the person who caused the accident and their insurance company who are obliged to take the lead and be responsible for your repairs and keeping you mobile.

Here at Brightside we have chosen claims specialists Slater and Gordon to help you navigate your way around the steps you will need to take.  They help 1000's of people every year successfully pursue a claim and have experienced claims handlers who are ready to take your call 24/7.


To find the right claims phone number please select your insurance product from the dropdown below.

Who is your insurance policy with?

What to do after a car accident

  1. Get medical help straightaway if this is required.

  2. Call the police - make sure they have all the details and ask for a copy of the police report.

  3. Take photographs - of your injuries, the scene, and the damage to all vehicles involved.

  4. Get the contact details of any witnesses to the accident and ask them if they are happy to be witness if it was to go to court.

Top tips for making a claim

  • Call the relevant claims hotline as soon as possible, so all the information is  fresh in your mind.
  • Give clear details in your claim - one topic per sentence. 
  • Don't exaggerate your claim, our teams are experts and will know if the facts stack up.
  • Document the damage - take photos and videos where appropriate.
  • Keep a log of your claim, any conversations should be logged and keep all communications together.

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How do I make a claim?


Of course we hope you never have to make a claim, but if you need to contact us then you can find our details here.

I have made a claim with you. How do I find out what's happening?


As our claims are managed by a specific claim provider we can only advise you of the current reported status of a claim, we can't give you any details about the claim. Find out more here

I have reported a claim and this is marked as fault but it was non-fault. Why is this?


Find out more information here.

What is an acceptable proof a claim not being my fault?


A letter from the insurer you were covered with at the time of the incident is an acceptable proof of a claim not being your fault, and this is generally called "a non-fault claim". This can be sent to us via your account, email or post.