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12 February 2021

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Insurance

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As a driver of a wheelchair accessible (WAV) taxi, you know how much more difficult it can be to insure your vehicle. Most insurers are put off by the adaptations that can be found in WAV cars, such as hoists, ramps, or tail lifts. As a result, providers often either increase your premium, or refuse you a policy altogether.

At One Insurance Solution (part of Brightside Insurance), we understand how frustrating that can be. Particularly since the reason you own a WAV taxi is to provide an option for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to travel. This is why we provide wheelchair accessible taxi insurance policies that cover everything you need – adaptations included – for a fair price.

What is wheelchair accessible taxi insurance?

Wheelchair accessible taxis are vehicles that have been converted by mobility experts to help those with disabilities travel in their wheelchair. The modifications enable the person to enter the vehicle through the side or rear, and the interior allows for them to remain seated comfortably in their wheelchair.

Because of these modifications, WAV taxis are specialist vehicles that require specialist insurance. Many insurers don’t provide specialist WAV taxi insurance, so will offer a regular policy at an inflated price, or nothing at all.

With wheelchair accessible taxi insurance by One Insurance Solution, your policy will be created by insurers who know WAV vehicles inside out. We provide tailor-made policies that take everything into account, including the modifications that make your taxi wheelchair accessible. And, because we’re an insurance broker, we have access to some of the top specialist taxi insurers in the UK, meaning we can find you the most suitable policy at a fair price. 

It isn’t fair that you should have to pay over the odds for making travel accessible to disabled people, so a WAV taxi insurance policy is there to help you.

Do you need wheelchair accessible taxi insurance?

Currently, no legislation is in place stating that a taxi needs to be WAV compliant. However, this may change soon depending on where you work.

Some councils are making it compulsory that all hackney carriages have wheelchair access, so you’ll soon need to comply if this is within your jurisdiction.

Cheltenham Borough Council, for example, is implementing the rule on 31st December 2021, and it’s likely others will follow soon. Now is a good time to invest in a wheelchair accessible taxi and insurance for when such rules come into place.

What counts as a wheelchair accessible taxi?

Cars require adaptations to make them suitable for use as WAV vehicles. Just some of the modifications you might have that we can cover are:

  • Wheelchair hoists, tail lifts, or ramps to assist with mobility
  • Adapted hand controls to assist with arm support
  • Lowered ramps or suspension
  • Wheelchair seatbelts and tie-downs

We can insure your vehicle if it has any of the above and more. If you have any other adaptations, contact our customer services team directly to see how we can help.

Why choose One Insurance Solution for wheelchair accessible taxi insurance?

  • One Insurance Solution is a broker, meaning we can select from a pool of the top insurers in the UK to find a policy that best fits you and your WAV taxi at a reasonable price.
  • We’re one of the only brokers in the UIK to offer a downgrade of cover options, including reducing your policy to social domestic and pleasure – temporarily and subject to terms and conditions.
  • We offer a wide range of additional WAV taxi insurance covers and extras, including breakdown cover, vehicle replacement, and public liability.
  • You can be insured in minutes by simply filling out a quote form online.
  • You’ll be provided an online account, through which you can easily access documentation, browse previous quotes, and edit personal details.

Get a wheelchair accessible taxi insurance quote

If you’re struggling to find an affordable policy for your WAV taxi, contact One Insurance Solution now. We can have a quote to you within minutes and finally find you a policy that suits your needs.

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