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20 January 2021

Ideas for Pub Christmas Decorations

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For many people, there’s no Christmas without a warm, cosy pub in which to enjoy food and drink with friends and family. Whether it’s nearing winter as the days start growing shorter or on the verge of the big day itself, there’s nothing like a good pub to get you into the Christmas spirit.

But as a pub owner, how do you ensure your customers are feeling as festive as possible? It’s one thing serving the right food and drink, but atmosphere is just as important this time of the year. At Brightside Pub Insurance, we’ve come up with some ideas for pub Christmas decorations that will make even Santa himself feel right at home.

Decorative Menus

Imagine popping into the local over Christmas for a Sunday roast and reading through the same menu you have done for the past 9 months. There’s nothing exciting about that.

Decorate your menus with Christmas imagery, highlight specific items of food and drink that are only available during the festive season, and list offers your customers can take advantage of now. More importantly, proudly name it your Christmas menu.

Your customers are far more likely to get excited and, as a result, order that extra glass of mulled wine.


Cinnamon. Vanilla. Orange. Frankincense. Apple. All the smells of Christmas that remind you of that first bite into a mince pie or sip of mulled cider.

Your pub doesn’t just have to look festive; it needs to smell festive, too. Use incense or (need to be careful recommending use of candles throughout – consider alternative here) candles that cover every inch of the pub. Or better yet, let the smell of your simmering mulled wine and cider waft for a more natural scent.

Christmas Tree

No Christmas decorations are complete without a tree, and the decorations in your pub are no exception. Whether real or fake, your tree should bring all the elements of Christmas into one centrepiece.

Ensure you decorate your tree tastefully; no one appreciates too much tinsel. It shouldn’t take up too much of the room, otherwise it could overcrowd tables and annoy customers. Keep it subtle, but still allow your customers to appreciate it, and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner.


When the nights starts drawing in, nothing grabs the attention of passers-by more than outdoor Christmas lights. 

As with the centrepiece tree, your lights need to be tasteful. Don’t overindulge and force your customers to blink before they enter. Keep them warm and mellow – like the interior of the pub – and you’ll be drawing people in.

Drink and Snacks on Display

Your pub probably already displays a wide array of beers on tap, wines and spirits on the shelf, and snacks available. At Christmas time this shouldn’t be any different, except you should try and make these as Christmas-themed as possible.

If you’re selling Christmas treats like mince pies, showcase them on the bar. Equally, any seasonal drinks like festive ales and spirits should be at the forefront of your display. Do you plan on selling mulled wine and cider? Bring the simmering pot out for everyone to see. Not only will this increase sales, but it will make customers feel much more festive (remove comma) too. 


Indoor and outdoor blackboards are a great way of letting both passers-by and customers know you’re feeling Christmassy.

Draw colourful decorations on your outdoor blackboard and fill it with warm, inviting messages about the festive things your pub is up to. Indoors, make sure your blackboards display all of your Christmas offerings, like seasonal food and drink. If your blackboards normally promote specials, you’re halfway there -- just change this to be more Christmas-related.


Seats close to the fire. The most coveted in the pub. Once customers find themselves drawn in by the warmth, they very rarely leave.

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Whilst you’re wondering what you can use to decorate your pub this Christmas, you might need to look at insuring your premises. Visit our pub insurance page for more information, or contact us directly for help.

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