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Why are people homophobic?


We've just finished up a very different looking Pride this year at Brightside, but you could say we're even more connected because of it. Communicating ideas and conversations across our three sites has been something we have struggled with in the past, but we've made great steps this year with our OneBrightside movement.

Although we're all working from home, using teams to strike up a video chat with people we may speak to over email has certainly made those connections stronger. We certainly saw this when it was time to celebrate pride this year. Games, quizzes, discussion and speakers were all on our calls, and everyone got to share what pride means to them. Our colleagues opened up their hearts and were honest about their experiences in the workplace, and shared their ideas on how we can work together to continue to make Brightside an inclusive and supported place to work.

Before this old lockdown happened, our Chief Operating Officer, Richard Beaven talked to the BBC about why people are Homophobic. You can watch the video by clicking the link below.

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