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Interview tips


We're all out of the office at the moment, and so are our interviews. Doing an online interview can seem a bit odd at first but we think it's going to quickly become the norm even after Covid has left us. Together with our Recruitment team, we've put down some helpful tips for when you have your first interview with us. 


Get the tech ready.

Different companies use different programs to set up the interview. We use Microsoft Teams because it's what we use everyday to keep us connected while working from home. If you've never used Teams before dont worry, our recruitment team will give you all the information you need. Make sure you're familiar with it before the interview, get it set up and ready so you you have one less thing to worry about. 


Dont get distracted 

You might be using your personal laptop for the interview, but don't let other things distract you when you're speaking to the interviewer. Turn off notifications and messages where you can. Get your phone out of there as well, turn it off, put it on silent, put it in the next room, just don't let it interrupt your flow. 


Dress for the occasion. 

You may be at home, but pyjamas don't scream professionalism, not matter how nice they are. We're not asking for a suite, but it is a job interview after all. 


Be aware of your microphone. 

Internet connections can make hearing every word a little challenging. Make sure you speak clearly and don't rush through your answers. And if you miss something we say, or the connections drops off for a few seconds, don't be afraid to ask us to repeat ourselves, we're more than happy to, and are well aware of connection problems. 


Lastly, Relax.

Although it can be strange at first, doing an interview in the comfort of your own home can be much easier. Take advantage of your new found comfort, and take a moment to make your self a cup of tea and put a pair of comfy slippers on.




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