What's our new induction experience like












What's our new induction experience like?


At the end of January, we welcomed 12 new colleagues into our redesigned induction programme for customer-facing colleagues.


Our new approach is tailored; so they feel confident and supported when they first talk to our customers and have a smoother transition into their new team. The first team have completed the classroom training (which is shorter than usual), before heading out into an ‘Academy’ phase where they work within their new team.  They’ve told us how they’re getting on and we’ll use their feedback to keep improving how we do things. This is the first part of the journey and as part of One Brightside, we are bringing this new approach to SME Customer Service in two weeks followed by SME sales, Taxi, Minibus & Home in the coming months.


Alex Cooper


Where have you joined us from and what will your role be after training?

Joined from Argos & role is Customer Service.


Why did you choose Brightside?

I chose Brightside because I was impressed with the business culture, the focus on staff motivation and values of excellence and growth Brightside promoted were values that I felt I reciprocated and believed in also. 


What did you expect from the training before you came along to Brightside?

I expected an intensive course focusing on knowledge of insurance; Customer service skills and soft skills to improve overall customer experience.


How did it feel?

I felt that the training better prepared me to fulfil my role and ensured that I was at a knowledgeable level to provide customers with a positive experience and improve customer relations.


How do you feel about going out into the team?

I am excited to be a part of the Brightside team and feel like the training has given me the knowledge and understanding to provide excellent service to the customer.


Is there anything that was tricky? Or that you think could be done a bit differently?

I thought that the system training was the most challenging and understanding how to transfer skills across the software that the business uses could have been further developed. I also believe that further understanding of the cancellation process would have been beneficial as I felt this was a topic only briefly touched on.


Anything else you’d like to add?!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the training program and found it both engaging and challenging. The combination of soft skills and knowledge that we were taught has made me feel more confident about fulfilling my role in the business.

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