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4 September 2020

Cheapest Cars to Insure for Convicted Drivers

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Cheapest Cars to Insure for Convicted Drivers

Car insurers calculate premiums for drivers according to risk and the likelihood of having to pay out on a claim. Because convicted drivers are drivers who hold any valid prior criminal conviction, even those unrelated to driving, they are almost always viewed as being high-risk to insure and will often face higher premiums for car insurance. This is especially applicable if their prior convictions were driving-related. Though it isn’t impossible to get convicted driver insurance, there are steps you can take if you are a convicted driver to reduce their perceived risk in the eyes of insurers. One significant factor you can change to try and reduce your perceived risk as a convicted driver is to change the car you drive to one that’s cheaper to insure because it falls under a lower insurance group. This article will explain these insurance groups and help you to choose a car that’s cheaper to insure based on their criteria.

How Choosing the Correct Car Could Make Your Convicted Driver Insurance Cheaper

All cars in the UK fall under one of 50 insurance groups, simply numbered from 1 to 50. Factors such as performance, safety, value and the cost of repairs will influence which insurance group a car belongs to. This information is coupled with past statistics on how likely a given model is to be stolen or involved in accidents to assign to it a final insurance group number.

What this largely means is that cars in the lower insurance groups tend to be cheaper to insure as they are generally less likely to be involved in crashes and less desirable to thieves. They are also usually cheaper, smaller and have less powerful engines, which in turn makes them more economical to run. The lower the chances of a claim being made on a vehicle, and the smaller the likely cost if a claim is made, the lower the insurance group.

If you are a convicted driver in need of insurance, this makes cars in these groups ideal because the generally higher insurance premiums for convicted drivers can be brought down by having such a car factored into the overall cost.

Recommended Cars for Convicted Drivers

Due to the above criteria, cars from the lowest end of the scale in insurance group 1 are highly sought after as vehicles of choice for convicted drivers. However, group 1 tends to be an exclusive club with only a few models on sale in the UK that qualify for it. Therefore, you may have to investigate cheaper used cars on the second-hand market to expand the number of options available to you. However, our list is currently comprised of cars in both groups 1 and 2, which should be affordable to insure.

Volkswagen up!

Recent updates Volkswagen has made to the up! range have moved the 59bhp versions into insurance group 2 from group 1, but this stylish hatchback should not be overlooked when looking for a cheaper car in lower insurance groups. This especially applies if you look to buy an up! second-hand. When buying new, the Volkswagen up! is available in both petrol and electric, although the electric version e-up! currently costs just over £20,000 while the standard petrol version is available from £12,705.

With a surprising amount of storage space for its size and a choice of 3 or 5 doors, the up! would be a sleek choice for a convicted driver seeking a cheaper insurance premium.

Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is a very popular car in the UK and conveniently it currently finds itself under group 1 for insurance. A major factor that will likely have contributed to this rating is the Micra’s numerous safety and security features. For example, autonomous Intelligent Emergency Braking with pedestrian recognition capabilities is included even on the standard model. A full five-star rating was achieved in Euro NCAP safety testing, making a used Nissan Micra hatchback a prudent choice for convicted drivers looking to convey their responsible approach to driving to insurers.

Ford Fiesta

Currently placed within insurance group 2, the Ford Fiesta 1.1-litre Style is another model that has attained a five-star Euro NCAP safety score like the Nissan Micra. However, unlike the Micra it lacks the autonomous emergency braking as standard that its Japanese rival boasts. Crucially, this model is no longer available to buy new from Ford. However, buying the three-door version used would mean you’d be getting a very safe and popular car with excellent handling for a reduced price – and under a low insurance group to boot. New Ford Fiestas tend to come under insurance group 5, which is still low on the scale. However, these models will naturally be more expensive than a used 1.1-litre Style.

Dacia Logan MCV

If you are a convicted driver with a family to consider, the Dacia Logan MCV is a great choice as you can retain a low insurance group while not compromising on spaciousness. The Logan MCV boasts not only ample boot storage, but also easily enough cabin space for five adults making it ideal for families. It’s also comparatively cheap to run.

However, to attain an insurance group 2 rating for the Logan MCV and a potentially cheaper insurance premium, you would need to purchase the 1.0-litre engine Access trim. This model is more likely to be found available second-hand and has a few features cut back, such as air-con, radio and central locking. However, if you are after a functional and spacious vehicle with potentially cheaper insurance premiums as a convicted driver, this may suit your needs.

Hyundai i10 (2014-2019)

The 2020 version of the Hyundai i10 starts from insurance group 4, which is still relatively low. However, the group 1 insurance rating is possible by buying an older version of the i10 dated between 2014 and 2019, in particular cars from earlier in the range.

Finding a used Premium 1.0-litre 65bhp version from 2014 could net you a group 1 insurance rating while still having access to top features. However, be aware that the Premium SE version will more likely attain a group 5 insurance rating.

Hopefully, this selection will help you to find a car with the potential of attaining a cheaper convicted car insurance policy. Already in possession of a low insurance rating vehicle and ready to get covered? See our Convicted Driver Insurance page for more information on how you can get insured through Logical Choice (part of the Brightside Group) today.