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Convicted Driver Insurance

If you have criminal convictions on your record – including those unrelated to driving – you may have had difficulty finding car insurance coverage. Fortunately, with Logical Choice – part of the Brightside Group – help is at hand. With our panel of dedicated insurers that specialise in car insurance for convicted drivers, we can help you get back on the road after a criminal conviction.

Convicted Driver Insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance Quotes

Convicted drivers are statistically considered to be a higher risk in the eyes of many insurers, especially if their convictions are for driving offences such as driving under the influence. Many insurers will not provide cover to drivers with such convictions as a result – they will be perceived as too high a risk.

However, at Logical Choice (part of the Brightside Group) we believe that convicted drivers are individuals, not statistics. Some drivers with prior convictions are more careful on the roads, as they are aware of the serious consequences that a repeat offence could bring down upon them. Others have only minor past convictions that have no bearing on their driving abilities. At Logical Choice you will face no judgement on your past. As convicted driver car insurance brokers, we work with a top panel of the UK’s most respected specialist insurers to help you find car insurance even if you have prior driving offences.

Car insurance is mandatory if you intend to drive, no matter how difficult it may be to find cover as a convicted driver. At Logical Choice, we are here to help. We can even find van insurance for convicted drivers through our additional trading style Commercial Vehicle Direct. Whether you drive a car or a van, get a convicted driver insurance quote quickly and easily with us today to see how you could be covered on the roads once more.


Insurance for Drink Drivers and More

Although it will usually be more difficult for those with driving convictions to find car insurance than those with other convictions, it isn’t impossible. From drink driving and speeding offences to those previously convicted for driving without insurance – we work with insurers who will be able to arrange cover for drivers with any of these convictions and many more.

Types of Driving Convictions We Can Insure

A non-exhaustive list of the most common types of driving conviction codes we can help to find insurance for through our panel of top specialist insurers includes:
  • DR10 - Driving or attempting to drive over the alcohol limit
  • DR20 – Driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink/drugs
  • TT99 – Disqualification from driving under "totting-up" the maximum number of penalty points within 3 years
  • DG10 - Driving or attempting to drive under the influence of drugs
  • DD40 – Dangerous driving
  • SP30 – Exceeding the legal speed limit on a public road
  • TS10 – Failing to obey traffic light signals
Through our convicted driver insurance broker service, we can help find car insurance to cover any of these driving convictions and almost any others, both less and more serious than the above examples.

Can I Insure My Car While Banned?

Yes, you can. If you have been banned from driving but your vehicle is still parked on a public road, it is, in fact, a legal requirement for you to have valid insurance for it. Drivers in this situation will have to look to specialist convicted driver insurers for coverage, such as those we work with on our expert insurer panel at Logical Choice.

Additional Convicted Car Insurance Coverages

Just like with our regular car insurance policies, a wide selection of extra insurance coverages will be available to add on to your convicted driver car insurance policy – you will be able to add on as many or few as you wish. Such extra insurance features that you can take advantage of through Logical Choice include:

RAC Breakdown Cover

No matter your past, we understand that, having returned to the road after a conviction, one of the last things you’d want is for your vehicle to break down and leave you stranded. Fortunately, our convicted driver breakdown cover, provided by RAC, is designed to fit multiple needs and budgets with many different covers available. With the RAC fixing on average one car every 19 seconds, you couldn't be in better hands should your vehicle get temporarily stuck at the roadside.

Excess Protection

Excess Protection lets you claim back the money you will have to pay out in the event of a claim. This means that you can get the benefit of a cheaper quote and still have the cost of the excess amount covered in the event of a claim. This way, you don't lose out. Excess Protection can be applied to any insurance policy that carries an excess, including car and van insurance for convicted drivers.

Key Cover

If you are a convicted driver looking to get insured and back on the road, you won’t want to get caught short by losing the keys to your vehicle. This would mean time and money need to be spent on replacing them. However, at Logical Choice our additional Key Cover will reimburse you for any assistance you get from a qualified locksmith in the event of your keys being lost, such as new keys being cut. This means you’ll be able to get back into your vehicle safe in the knowledge you won’t be left out of pocket.
Whether you need DR10 insurance, DG10 insurance or vehicle insurance for almost any criminal conviction code, our expert convicted driver insurance brokers at Logical Choice (part of the Brightside Group) are here to help you. Get in contact with us, either online or by phone, and see how much you can save with your bespoke convicted driver insurance quote today.

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