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Any claims that you may need to make are handled by our carefully selected partner WNS Assistance. They are there to make your claim journey easy and get you back on the road. 

WNS logoAbout WNS Assistance

WNS Assistance are an award winning claims management company, delivering comprehensive end to end solutions to clients across the UK – from blue chip insurers and MGAs to a range of broker businesses and fleets.

Our winning combination of dedicated people and streamlined processes delivers a flexible, responsive and fully transparent one stop solution that includes motor, property and legal claims management.

All the claims are handled in-house from the initial reporting of a claim through to resolution.

Should you need to contact WNS Assistance to make a claim, please call them on 0344 854 0677

Advice Following an Accident or Incident



Stop as soon as possible, in a safe place (if you have a warning triangle, place it well before the obstruction). If anybody has been injured, call the police and ambulance service.

Do not admit responsibility, either verbally or in writing. Instead, ask any other person involved in the accident to contact the 24 hour Claims Helpline number 0344 854 0677.

By getting the other person(s) involved in the accident to ring the 24 hour Claims Helpline you will give him/her the opportunity of obtaining our assistance in progressing repairs and assisting with the provision of a courtesy vehicle if the circumstances of the accident warrant this. 

If for any reason you have not been able to exchange details with other drivers or owners of property or you were in collision with an animal, you must report the accident to the police as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours of the accident.



Take a Photo

If you are able to, try and take photographs to support the positions of the vehicles and the extent of damage.



Make a quick sketch of the direction and final position of each vehicle (it is worth keeping a pen and paper in Your Vehicle).


Note Down

You will need to make a note of:
The other party’s vehicle registration number, name, address and telephone number of any other drivers involved in the accident.
The number of passengers in each vehicle. 
The name and address of anyone who is injured (or suggesting they have been injured).
The name, address and telephone number of any witnesses to the accident.
The name, telephone number and constabulary of any police officer who attends the accident.
Details of what happened including if anything/anyone outside of the vehicles involved were damaged or injured.



You must give your own details to anyone who has reasonable grounds for requesting them. If you have a dash-cam recording at the time of the incident or loss, then to support your claim please send in the footage to the claims handler.