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How do I access my online account?

The help video in our existing customers section explains how to register for and access your online account. 

If you still have questions or you're struggling with any steps in the video, you may find the answer in the step-by-step guide below: 

Step 1: To register for your online account, go to the Existing Customers tab on our website and click the login button. 
Step 2: You'll then be taken to the account login page. You need to click on the Register button. 
Step 3: Create a username, which can be your email address to make things simpler, then create a strong password and enter your username twice for confirmation. 
Step 4: Fill in your postcode, date of birth and your current policy number if you've already bought a policy from us or enter your quote reference number if you've completed a quote with us online. 
Step 5: Enter a security question and answer and then click Create Account. This will send an activation email to the email address your entered. 
Step 6: To activate your online account, simply open your registration email and click on the 'Activate my Account' link. This will take your back to the login page. 
Step 7: Sign in using the information you supplied in the registration form – if for whatever reason you've forgotten your username or password simply click the relevant link and you'll be guided through the process. Now click the Login button and you'll be taken into your online account, where you can manage all aspects of your account whenever you want. 

Just to let you know... 

You can set up your account at any time.