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I need to send you documents to validate my policy, how do I do that?

Visit the existing customers section of this website to watch our help videos (Brightside Car, Van or Bike only). The help video explains how to upload documents to your online account, which helps us to validate your policy. Validation simply means that we need to check all the information you gave us when you were quoted is accurate. 

Although the documents we'll ask you to send us can vary, please be aware that as standard you need to upload the following documents to your online account within 23 days of the start date of your policy: 
Copy of driving licence photo-card (front and back) for the policyholder and a My Licence check code
Proof of any No Claims Discount

If you still have questions or you're struggling with any steps in the video, you may find the answer in the step-by-step guide below: 
Step 1: Login to your online account; if you're unsure of how to login, then see our help video for how to use your online account. 
 If you've forgotten your username and/or password then see our FAQ 'I can't remember my username for my online account, what do I do?' and/or 'I can't remember my password for my online account, what do I do?' 
Step 2: Click on "Upload documents" button on the left hand side of the screen. 
Step 3: You'll then be presented with a page giving you some important information about how to upload the documents on that screen, you need to click "Add files...". 
Step 4: Add a description from the drop down list as to what type of document it is. 
Step 5: Select the start upload button. 
Step 6: You'll then be presented with a progress bar. Please don't exit this page until this is completed and you're returned to the "upload your documents" screen again. 
Step 7: If you need to upload more documents then you can do this via the "Add more files..." button, if you don't need to add any more simply select "Finish" and close your browser. 

Things to note: 
 Save all the scans or photographs separately as separate files, e.g. Licence Photo Card Policy Holder (1st File), Licence Photo Card Named Driver (2nd File) so they can be uploaded separately. 
 Don't leave the upload page until you've seen confirmation your files have been uploaded. 
 Where possible please upload all your documents as soon as possible and all at once. If this isn't possible then please upload what you can. 

Other options for getting your documents to us: 
 Email: You can send us your documents attached to an email at car@brightsideinsurance.co.uk. When we successfully receive your email. 
 Text Message: You can send us pictures of your documents via text message from your mobile to 07537416059. Please be aware that this may incur a cost and we're unable to provide you with a confirmation that we received your text. 
 By Post: our address is: Brightside Car Insurance, Brightside Park, Aust, Bristol, BS35 4BL. Please only include COPIES of your documents, not originals. Also make sure you include your Policy / Certificate Number when sending documents. 

For all other products, please see the existing customer section of the website to find out more.