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Electric Vehicle Fleet Insurance

An all-in-one policy for business use electric vehicles.

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Electric Vehicle Fleet Insurance
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One Insurance Solution Electric Fleet Insurance

With so much focus on climate and environmental changes, low carbon vehicles are becoming more prominent for consumers and businesses, especially those working within low emission zones.

There is certainly pressure on companies to go green and reduce their carbon footprint. One of the easiest ways for a business to reduce their impact on the environment is to switch their conventional combustion engine vehicles for electric ones. One Insurance Solution can help by providing insurance for multiple electric vehicles at the same time.

Electric car insurance for business vehicles doesn't need to be stressful. The easiest way to manage your fleet of electric vehicles is to combine them under one insurance policy. One policy gives one renewal date and one premium meaning fleet management is just as efficient as the cars themselves. 
What is Electric Vehicle Fleet Insurance

What is Electric Vehicle Fleet Insurance

If you have 2 or more vehicles it can save you time and money by combining insurances on to one easily managed policy. To make things even easier, the vehicles do not need to be the same type. You could have a combination of cars, vans and hgv's with electric, hybrid or standard engines.

Additionally a fleet policy can be beneficial if a claim was to be made. Instead of the claim being registered against the vehicle in question, it will be registered to the policy. This means the risk is spread across all the vehicles and can dramatically decrease an increased premium after a fault accident.

With a Fleet policy you’ll gain Fleet Claims Experience instead of the usual no claims bonus. This experience will then be used at renewal to give a reflective price according to driving history.

If your business has 2 or more vehicles a fleet policy could be the way forward:

Without a Fleet policy

  • More than one renewal date
  • More than one premium
  • Changing vehicles can be expensive
  • Adding or removing drivers can be costly and take time
  • NCB determined by claims history of a single vehicle
  • Fault claims increase price greatly

With a Fleet policy

  • One renewal date
  • One premium
  • Any driver policies
  • Easily add and remove vehicles
  • Claims free experience attributed to the whole fleet

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We work tirelessly with a panel of the UK's best-loved insurers to offer you the best policy at the best price.

What does Electric Fleet Insurance cover?

What does Electric Fleet Insurance cover?

With One Insurance Solution, you can get three different levels of cover

Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive. We’d always recommend a comprehensive policy to benefit from your insurance. Having the highest level of cover can also be the most cost effective due to the additional benefits it comes with.

A fleet insurance policy is usually set up on an “any driver” basis with higher risk drivers needing to be named. The vehicles main use will be in connection with your business, however they can also be used for your own Social Domestic & Pleasure (sdp).

Cover for:

  • Plug in cars / plug in hybrids
  • Electric cars
  • Electric vans
  • Alternative fuel cars
  • Low emission vehicles

We can still provide cover if:

  • You or your drivers have an adverse claim history
  • You have zero no claims bonus / claims free experience
  • You or your drivers have any convictions
Next steps

Next steps

No matter the size or make up of your fleet, we can help. 

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