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27 November 2020

Introducing Brightside Life Insurance, in Partnership with DeadHappy

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Introducing Brightside Life Insurance, in Partnership with DeadHappy

At Brightside, we can cover you for most things, from car insurance to takeaway insurance. One thing we couldn’t offer was life insurance. Until now.

We’re proud to announce that Brightside will now be offering customers life insurance policies in partnership with DeadHappy, ensuring you protect your loved ones when they need it most.

What we’re offering

No one wants to think about it, but the fact is that death is an inevitable part of life. And when you do eventually die, the financial burden on your loved ones can be huge. Life insurance reduces this financial impact by providing your loved ones with a lump sum after your death, helping to cover the associated costs.

With Brightside Life Insurance, in partnership with DeadHappy, you pay a monthly fee that guarantees a lump sum is paid to those you care about. This makes it easier for them at an already difficult time.

Why choose us?

Brightside and DeadHappy have teamed up to provide a life insurance policy that works for you and your loved ones. It’s:
  • Flexible: Life insurance policies are typically rigid, which isn’t helpful if you need to make changes. We’re flexible, meaning you can contact us to discuss changing your policy whenever you want.
  • Quick: With only four health questions, you can receive an online quote within minutes. If your policy is accepted, you could be covered in less than five minutes.
  • Cheap: The price of your policy will be based on your current situation, not what it might be in the future. This is what makes it so much cheaper than life insurance through other providers.

When, what, who and how much?

You probably have loads of questions for us, so we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can here.  
  • When: People take out life insurance at different points in their lives. Some decide it’s the right time when they buy a house or have children, whereas others leave it until later. The best time is when you know there are loved ones who could benefit from the financial support life insurance provides.
  • What: What your policy covers depends on several factors, including your age and current health. Brightside Life Insurance, in partnership with DeadHappy, covers things other insurers don’t, so it’s worth applying online to find out what we can offer.
  • Who: Anyone can apply for life insurance. If you’re unable to, then a family member can even go through the application process for you.
  • How much: A wide range of factors are taken into account on a person-by-person basis, so there’s no exact cost. However, Brightside and DeadHappy take pride in offering great value life insurance, with unique payouts like no other provider.

Interested? Here’s an offer on us

Finding the right policy is quick and easy. Simply visit our sign-up page to get started today.

We’re confident you’ll be happy with what you see, so you’ll receive two free months of cover if you sign up before April 30th 2021.

Just use the promotional code BRIGHT2 at the checkout to take advantage of this limited time offer.
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